This page was originally created by Area 58 to encourage members of  local Home Groups to collect group history forms, stories and information that reflect growth or changes that have occurred since 1983.  EVI requests local groups to submit their Group History using the Form for Writing an AA Group History and instructions which follow.

The book ‘A History of Alcoholics Anonymous in Oregon 1943-1983’ is a collection of the earliest memories of the growth of AA in Oregon over the first 40 years.  Stories included the recounting of individuals, groups, committees, Intergroups and our Oregon Area Service structure. This book project, supported by the Oregon Area General Service Committee, was financed entirely by pre-sales and fund-raising projects, and was compiled, written and published by Past Delegate Diana S.  The book was re-printed in 1995 with the help of our past Archives Co-Chair Bob C.

Within the Preface of the book, mention is made of a possible sequel to it. Much of our precious Oregon AA history would be lost if it were not for the efforts of hundreds of sober alcoholics organizing for this effort more than 30 years ago. If efforts are begun now, perhaps another 30 years of history may be preserved for future members before those who carry the memories are gone and the artifacts misplaced.

While a publication may or may not ever come to fruition, as it relies on a long term level of participation that may be difficult to predict, any information collected from Groups and members would go a long way in helping future generations of AA members in Oregon by preserving a connection to the past.

Please get involved in talking with elders of your Groups who may have vital information that may be lost if not collected soon, so that we can continue archiving and preserving our rich Oregon AA History that has contributed to our own sobriety and growth as an Area AA Service entity.  

Your assistance is vital in continuing this historical mission. Even if a second Volume is never published, at least our Archives Committee will have safely secured and stored valuable historical information about our local AA growth and development.

**Here is a link to a PDF called Form for Writing an AA Group History, which will help in gathering Group History information.  It can be opened  in Acrobat Reader, completed, saved  and sent to your local Emerald Valley Intergroup Archivist at at your convenience.

Please note you may also email the completed form to the History Sub-Committee at Oregon Area 58,
You may also hand them off to an Archives or History Sub-Committee member at our next Assembly.