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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is this “one day at a time” business?

A.  “The 24 hour program” is a phrase used to describe a basic A.A. approach to the problem of staying sober. AA’s never swear off alcohol for life, never take pledges committing themselves not to take a drink “tomorrow”. By the time they turned to A.A. for help, they had discovered that, no matter how sincere they may have been in promising themselves to abstain from alcohol “in the future”, somehow they forgot the pledge and got drunk. The compulsion to drink proved more powerful than the best intentions not to drink. The A.A. member recognizes that the biggest problem is to stay sober now! The current 24 hours is the only period the A.A. can do anything about as far as drinking is concerned. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow never comes. “But today” the A.A. says, “today, I will not take a drink. I may be tempted to take a drink tomorrow – and perhaps I will. but tomorrow is something to worry about when it comes. My big problem is not to take a drink during this 24 hours.” From the pamphlet “44 Questions”

Q. How does my group participate in Intergroup?

A.  Any group in the Eugene, Springfield, Junction City, Cottage Grove area (or to be precise, districts 6, 19,20,33, and part of 34) can elect an intergroup representative at their home group business meeting and send them to the monthly E.V.I. Business Meeting. It is held on the second Monday of every month at the E.V.I. office located at 1259 Willamette St. Eugene. That’s it. Groups do not have to contribute to participate (just like a meeting!).

Q. What do I get for becoming an EVI Faithful Fiver?

A.   A warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are supporting the kind of service work that saves lives. If that is not enough, we will send you a copy of the EVI News each month (provided you give us a name and address to send it to). Stop by the office and fill out an application.

Q. Where in the Big Book does it say “No relationships in the first year of sobriety”

A.  It doesn’t. But it probably should, given the experience of many A.A.’s since its publication. Take away our best friend and it is natural for us to look for a substitute. Best Advice: Ask your sponsor (first).

Q. Ok, I know what the 12 Steps are, and the 12 Traditions, what are the 12 Concepts?

A.  The Twelve Concepts for World Service are the principles that underly how A.A. works as an “organization”, and the rights and responsibilities of the various parts. They should be read by anyone holding a service position in A.A. and can be found in the A.A. Service Manual, or summarized in a pamphlet available at the EVI office. Here is the long version, which will warm you up for reading the text in the Service Manual. It may look dry, but it applies to your home group business meeting, and to the EVI business meeting.