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EVI Committees (brief)

For a more detailed description of each committee, its service and its requirements, please open the following link:

EVI Service Committees.

All our committees meet once a month, times and locations vary; ask at the office if one sounds like your service opportunity.

Office Volunteer Coordinator

It is no small job keeping volunteers at the desk in the office. We get lots of calls from folks looking for help, you could be the first person in A.A. that they talk to. This is low key, fairly relaxed, but very important service.

Service Openings: Volunteers are welcome for 4 hour shifts. It gets a little harder to find volunteers during the summer, so please, if you have some time available, think service! (p.s. there is an air conditioner….)


Our Shipping and Receiving Department. Handles orders of Big Books, Pamphlets and other conference approved literature for groups, treatment centers and inventory at the office.

Answering (Diverter), 12 Step List

Whether it is a gal just rolled into town and needs a meeting, or a gruff, slurry voice calling AA for the first time, someone needs to answer the phone. When the EVI office is closed that person is a Diverter volunteer. Calls to EVI that bypass the recorded meeting times are diverted to a volunteer’s phone: the Diverter volunteer answers questions and arranges for someone on the twelve step list to call. Groups volunteer to take shifts in this vital work.

Public Information

Lets the public know that A.A. is in our community. Places discrete adds in print and radio. Also goes out to our High Schools and Middle Schools to give kids the straight story on alcoholism and A.A. Can use volunteers.

Cooperation with Professional Community

Informs local Doctors, Lawyers, Counseling Professionals, etc. of What A.A. does (and doesn’t) do to help alcoholics.


Visits groups to encourage them to participate in service and EVI.

H & I

Coordinating super-committee consisting of Hospitals, Cooperation with Treatment Facilities, and Corrections. Details of time and who to contact for H&I meetings can be found in the back of the meeting book.

Link to H & I Notes For E.V.I Volunteers.

EVI H&I Coordinator Report Form — Click here for form

EVI H&I Chair Report Form — Click here for form

EVI H&I Codes of Conduct — Click here for latest version


Brings volunteers into local hospitals and related facilities, such as the Sacred Heart Hospital Johnson Unit.

Cooperation with Treatment Facilities

Brings meetings and informational panels into:
Carlton House
Willamette Family Treatment (Womens meeting)
Serenity Lane Speakers Friday Night Mtg
Serenity Lane Bridging the Gap Meeting Saturday A.M.
Serenity Lane New Saturday P.M. meeting

Service Openings: Speakers, Committee members, Volunteers.


Lane County Jail Proper [5th Avenue, Eugene] [Both Men’s and Women’s]
Pathways Boy’s [Centennial Blvd., Eugene]
Pathways Girl’s [River Road, Eugene]
Serbu Detention Center
Sponsors Inc. [Hwy 99 N, Eugene] [Men and No Minors]

Service Openings: All above facilities can use speakers, weekly secretaries. Check with the Outside Sponsor for requirements, and if clearance forms are required. For some of them you might want to be warrant free.


Can you give us a couple hours a month of your time? If so, please join us on the AA EVI Activities Committee. Our committee plans and conducts semi monthly activities such as dances, BBQs and much more. Please join us at our monthly meeting at the EVI Office, 1259 Willamette St. on the 1st Sunday of the month at 5:00 pm. 

EVI Newsletter

Publishes our Newsletter. Content always welcome; list your event, notices of new meetings, etc. Could use reporters. We will be working on circulation, so look for it, ask your EVI rep.

EVI Speaker Meeting

Brings in outside speakers, and a few locals who can talk to share their experience, strength and hope. 2nd Saturday of the month at Living Hope Church. The Speaker Meeting is self supporting. Be there.

EVI Archivist

Keeps track of meeting minutes and collects and maintains local AA historical materials, printed and some taped stories from some of our old timers (If you’re old and want to tell your story….)

E.V.I. Communications Committee

Consists of the Website Committee, Newsletter Committee, and Meeting Book Committee

Steering Committee

Prepares agenda for meeting, oversees day to day functioning of EVI, deals with particulars not requiring group attention (printing meeting books, cash flow, etc.) Also seeks input for larger issues facing EVI, and refines or implements proposals for the business meeting. Meets the first Monday of each month 6:30-7:30 at EVI.