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Information for Press and Media

AA World Service Office Literature, Video & Audio for Press and Media

 Literature Available for Single Copy Printing. Video & Audio productions are available to watch and listen; copying or broadcasting requires express written permission.

F-2 – Information on AA
M-24 – AA Fact File
P-47 – Understanding Anonymity
P-48 – AA Membership Survey 2014
Video and Audio for television and radio
Audio Public Service Announcements – large variety

Television and radio stations may request a copy of any of the Public Service Announcements (P.S.A.s) (available in a variety of lengths/formats/languages) by contacting the AA World Service  Public Information desk


** email  evicpcpi@hotmail.com 
  with your Organization Name and Contact Phone

We can answer your questions, attend an open AA meeting with you, or send speakers to your organization.  Please let us help.