Speaker CD’s

These speakers are available on CD by contacting
EVI Archives at

Please request the disc you would like and it can be
picked up at the EVI office.

12-12-15          Angela M. AA              Gretchen Al-Anon
2-13-16            Angela AA                   Joan Al-Anon
3-12-16            Dave B. AA                 Hank Al-Anon
5-14-16            Dale D. AA                  Cindy B. Al-Anon
7-9-16              Marilyn H. AA              Susan Al-Anon
8-13-16            John B. AA                  Laura Al-Anon
9-10-17            Kate AA                       Joyce Al-Anon
10-8-16            Michael P. AA             Pat Al-Anon
11-12-16          Terry L. AA                  Ana R. Al-Ateen
12-10-16          Michael G. AA             Stephanie Al-Anon
1-14-17            Scotty E AA                Shawn Al-Anon
2-11-17            Andrea W. AA             Marelin/Amanda Al-Anon
3-11-17            Dave P. AA                 Brie S. Al-Anon
4-8-17              Kay S. AA                   Roz Al-Anon

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